A Thousand Years~Warrior Cats MEP **COMPLETED**

~*~*~*~*~*~THIS MEP TOOK 7months AND 24days TO FINNISH AND NOW IT'S FINALY DONE!!!~*~*~*~*~*~ Yesh!83 my VERY VERY first MEP is now completed~ Firstly, I would like to thank everyone, who gave their sport into this ^^ This turned out wonderfully to me!8'3 And I'm greatful that you maniged to somehow understand my "parting"...xD; Some parts were missing second or two, but I don't blame you; I know I put them up freaking unclearly, so I apologize ^^; But you all still maniged to do every part without hesitating~ In fact, some parts hit their places perfectly *dummy* So wonderful everyone!! I'm also sorry for Cloudstar67, but I couldn't wait any much longer... So I filled the part 40 with my half-year-old running cycle l'3 Also there's one clip from my Parachute MEP parts 24, 25, 26 & 27 ^^ The Parachute MEP got never done, so...X3 I decided to give for Leafstar and Billystorm a try *dummy* Every animatiors' channel should be found from lower corners...X3 Too lazy to add them here.. And yeah... Here was 55parts *dummy* I have a plans for a new MEP, probably called as MAP this time =3 But donno when I'm about to do that! So 'till that... You just have to wait X3 and I promise that time there'll be LONGER parts than this one had...X3; And about cats... I suppose you can guess them by your own l'3 But I can still list them here somehow: -Spottedleaf X Firepaw -Silverstream X Graystripe, Featherkit and Stormkit -Bluestar X Oakheart -Ravenpaw, Tigerclaw/Tigerstar & Barley -Leafstar X Billystorm -Cinderpelt X Fireheart -Dovewing X Tigerheart -Firestar -Swiftpaw X Brightpaw -Mousefur & Longtail -Mapleshade -Cinderheart X Jayfeather -Squirrelflight X Brambleclaw, Ashfur -Willowbreeze X Crookedstar, Silverkit -Half Moon X Jayfeather -Birdflight X Cloudstar -Leafpool X Crowfeather -Dovewing X Bumblestripe -Cinderheart X Lionblaze -Brook X Stormfur -Heathertail X Lionblaze -Briarlight X Jayfeather -Brightheart X Cloudtail ...And that's it?=3....Wow....o.o Even I didn't realize, how many cats here were used...8D Better that than none right? And about drawing/animating programs you must ask by animators themselves; I have actualy no idea, what over half used for their parts!*dummy* Programs: for Editing - Windows live Movie Maker Music/Song: a Thousand Years Artiste/Singer: Christina Perri"

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