Cinderpelt - Teardrops On My Guitar

Thank you Rosepetal for recommending this If you do not believe that Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar, that's your problem. However, it was hinted at quite a bit in the book, so I believe she did love him. These are my views, and I'm sorry if you do not follow them. Also, I know that Cinderpelt was never all super emo about loving him, however, fo the sake of making an entertaining video, I had to make her that way. One last thing, I'm actually not a huge Cinderpelt fan. Infact, I quit dislike her. I think she was an annoying apprentice. After her accident I started to like her, but once she became a medicine cat she just got annoying. As you can see, I have no idea how to draw badgers. I made the badger look too much like a dog. XDDDD Cats in the video, in order: Fireheart/star Cinderpelt Sandstorm Brackenfur Ashfur Graystripe Longtail Brightheart Cloudtail Sorreltail"

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