*CLOSED* Warrior Cats MAP Where Butterflies Never Die 10/30

EDIT:GUYS! The due date has passed 12/2/12 was it! BUUUUUT it seems some other people haven't gotten in their parts! Sooooo I am going to extend it BUT I strongly know that I am going to need this in before Christmas. Perhaps I can upload it on Christmas eve. And If I haven't heard anything from any of you, I will give your part away. Thanks, please email me the parts. Bluestar123100@aol.com Edit: All parts are taken thanks everyone for joining and remember due date is 12/2/12 Backups are open C: Thanks guys! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do send your complete videos to my email Bluestar123100@aol.com OR through Mediafire OR 4shared files! Thank you! Rules- You can have up to 2 parts Everything is done by you No lineart or others work Must be a warrior from the book You can be a backup, just ask Please give me the part through mediafire or 4shared files Here are the parts: 1- MINE (I will be doing the intro) - Done (Will be uploaded with the finished product) 2- XScarlegsofduskclanX - IN 3-DragonHeartWarrior- 4-Thunder Heart- 5-Thunder Heart- 6-DragonHeartWarrior - 7-Allycat0303 - IN 8-Allycat0303 - IN 9-WhiteDranzer1 -IN 10-odettelovers - IN 11-StarSoko - IN 12-turk6177 -IN 13-turk6177 -IN 14-Firesoulthewingdwolf-IN 15-Firesoulthewingdwolf-IN 16-GoGfananimal- 17-GoGfananimal- 18-CuteLittleKittyCat07 19-EmmyLemmy10- 20-EmmyLemmy10- 21-XxHoneywingxX - 22-XxHoneywingxX - 23-whitedranzer91- IN 24-MoonpoolRainfeather- 25-MoonpoolRainfeather- 26-GinjaNinjaOwO - IN 27-XxFrostKatxX- 28-IcyKatStudios-IN 29-SSart3- 30-SSart3- Backups: Firesoulthewingdwolf TheUnigonTeam SharpnoseWolfy Parts must be in before 12/2/12 I may extend the time but I think it is fair enough for u to be done before then c: Thanks~"

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