Episode 3 part 1 - SSS Warrior cats fan animation

--------------Credits at the bottom!------------------ Hello everyone! Aluri here ;D TADA, IT'S FINALLY HERE! We finally got to finish episode 3 part 1! MY GOD, SO MANY MISTAKES |D *dies* I apologize for all the little mistakes, we tried out a lot of new stuff with this episode, later ones will be better ^^; This was kind of really rushed last moment. We're sooo done with this part e_e Some stuff is missing and everything but ah well, at least the project wasn't left behind, right? There was originally going to be no shading AT ALL so we did some quick shading here and there. Man, what a journey it's been. I'm so glad it's finally finished. We've all been so very busy. When I joined as colorer / inbetweener, I didn't expect Yuji would leave and I would get to direct this project with Wanton, who was also just a colorer back then. That's right, Yuji has left the project, so its just working us on it, and we're still young and go to college/highschool, so we really need to focus in real life. This is a nice hobby and all, but it takes a lot of time. Though in the end it is totally worth it. It looks amazing in the end and you are able to say "Hey look, we did it guys! We made this!" and it's just amazing haha. You're probably wondering where episode 3 part 2 is... It's not here yet and it won't be for a while sadly. We're taking it easy, we finally finished part 1 and we all want a little break from it. We'll slowly work on it in our own time. Part 2 is about 70% finished. A lot has to be done still soooo. Please don't ask when it'll be done. ;D We'll only give you the same response you got for episode 3. It'll be done when it's done. We have an own personal life too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a larger version of the starting note: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/279931_409294249127130_1583807041_o.jpg Join the fun and check out the official SSS Warriorcats forum! http://ssswarriorcats.proboards.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SSS-warrior-cats-fan-animation/145310822192142 Deviantartart: http://sss-warriorcats.deviantart.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SSSWarriorcats Episode 3 part 1 ~CREDITS~ Directed by Yuji Aluri Co-Directed by Wanton ~ANIMATION~ Yuji Zing Aluri Wanton ~IN-BETWEENS~ Yuji Zing Aluri Wanton Neko Rizusaur ~COLORING~ Yuji Zing Aluri Wanton Rizusaur Shiny Neko Dragonwolfrooke Pokemonlover5673 (spottedleaf) ~SHADING~ Aluri Wanton Rizusaur Dragonwolfrooke Neko ~SPECIAL EFFECTS AND EDITS~ Wanton ~BACKGROUNDS~ Yuji Aluri Inu HMdragon ~VOICE ACTORS~ GingaJinketsuKoushi as Firepaw jerrymojo as Greypaw NicolaStrifeFair as Bluestar pokemonlover5673 as Spottedleaf TheAmer117 as Ravenpaw Nick as Longtail Aluri as Mousefur Dogdig as Runningwind Kurtbatz as Darkstripe ~BACKGROUND CATS VOICE ACTING~ Aluri wanton Muffin Wes1234 Mooncat Vixy Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r ~MUSIC (In order)~ DN angel - truelight (intro) (Japanese version) Naruto - The Rising Fighting Spirit World of warcraft soundtrack - battle World of warcraft soundtrack - A call to arms Naruto - Main theme Phoenix Wright 1 - Allegro 2011 World of Warcraft Soundtrack - Arthus my son ~PROGRAMS USED~ Adobe Flash Adobe Photoshop Adobe After effects SAI THANKS FOR WATCHING and the support and patience guys! It means a bunch to us ;) And thanks to all our friends for helping with this and giving us motivation to continue. Love you guys. Thanks to my cat for staying alive even though he was really sick, giving me the spirit and power to finish this."

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