Five in one -Warrior cats sound trackS - Halloween special!

[YES YOU MAY USE THIS IS YOU CREDIT AND SEND ME THE VIDEO.] Here it is!! My halloween music special!! So instead of one Warrior cats soundtrack, theres FIVE!! So first, The Bluestar one. Starting off prettey slow with a sad song about Bluestar watching her home burn down (Scene from the first series.) Then theres a soundtrack with Mapleshade and Croockedkit. About him making his promisse. after that we have, Ashfur, and him going insane I guess. I was kina tired when I made this but I still like it! Then a soundtrack about Ivypaw and the secrets of the darkforest.' Then at the end a soundtrack about the warrior cats villans and the darkforest. Also I'll be gone over halloween so I'm uploading it now!! Enjoy!"

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