LPS: Warrior Cats (Season #1: Episode #1)

Art by me

I want to thank one special person who really encouraged me to make this series. I want to thank LPSLightStar, Thanks Light for the support, I wouldn't be uploading this without you. You rock!
See LPSLightStar's Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/lpslightstar?feature=results_main
Credit to Erin Hunter for the Idea of 'Warriors'

This is a version of Erin Hunter's series, Just my own story. :)

It's Moons later, Molly went into training and is now a warrior, Her name is Gingerpelt. The deputy, Rainfur gets a thorn stuck in her paw So Cloudstar asks Gingerpelt to lead the patrol instead of Rainfur. Will Gingerpelt and her patrol run onto trouble? How will they solve it?

Tell me what you think of the series? ^-^ I'm really curious to hear your thoughts!

~Ginger (XxSarahLPSxX)

Music by Kevin Macleod found on "Incompetech.com""

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