LPS warrior cats:Wildfire's Future (Ep#3 part 1)

WARNING: Please DO NOT Say "This isn't like the books" Or,Whatever This is MY ORIGINAL Warrior Cat Story -,- This video IS NOT "a little" based on Erin Hunter's Novel Series,Thank you Last time on LPS warrior cats:Wildfire's Future: After Wildfire has been left behind by his "Friends" Scareclaw and Tearheart,Wildfire set's out to find them and give them a piece of his mind,While Wildfire is in the search of his friend he comes across a Black Path of what the Twolegs call:A Road,Wildfire then encounters coming in front of a "Truck",Will Wildfire Survive? watch this episode to find out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50% credit to my younger sister:Warriocatsxlps for: Voicing some characters and editing =3 Music by:Kevin Macleod © Copyright 2012 Norcol8Prime"

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