Warrior Cats - Bleed (AMV) - Completed

EDIT 2: WILL DELETE OFFENSIVE COMMENTS THAT ARE NOT CONCRUCTIVE CRIT. EDIT: LOL GOT A DISLIKE. *loopyface* XD Finally Finished. 8D This is m best work yet. :3 I've worked really hard on this for ages, and I really hope you all like it. ^^ At one point of animating it, I stopped, for a while, and thought, Why am I doing this? It's pointless. Then I realised that all the while I had been having fun, and I was just thinking that I was bored of it, so I kept going. ^^ xD The Basic Storyline; The whole AMV is centred around TigerClaw and Ravenpaw, and SquirrelxAsh. The Beginning; Ravenpaw is thinking about watching Redtail's murder, and is so very frightened of Tigerclaw. It then moves on to him threatening Ravenpaw, and finally, getting exiled by Bluestar. The Second Half: It moves on to what I like to call, 'The Fire Scene' xD Where Ashfur is going to kill the three, and about what happens there. And then finally, Hollyleaf loses it, and commit's (supposed) suicide. 8D Little Notes: I will not respond to comments like; "lololol idiot, u got teh anatomeh rong." I need to know why I got something wrong, so I can work from it. I want constructive critism, not just plain insults. I would like to you to appreciate that this is a solid 3 -4 months of work, and not say; "OMG, U HAVE 2 DO AN AMV OF MAI CHARRIES. NOW." Or something. Cause I don't take requests, and that's not even a request, it's a demand. I also have to say that these are the designs that I imagine for the characters. If you do not agree with my designs for the cats, keep it to your self. :D Ok, rant over. 8D Do not ask for this information in the comments. Cause it's here. :P Song: Bleed (I must be Dreaming) Artist: Evanesance Intro Song: Whispers in the Dark Artist: Skillet Programs used: Animation (Drawings) : Characters - Paint Backgrounds - Photoshop 7.0 Animation (Stringing Together): Sony Vegas Pro 8 Voices: Hollyleaf: Me Lionblaze: Me, pitched slightly. Jayfeather: TheDogzLife (GO SUB NAO. :D She is so epicsauce, and I asked her, and in about 3 hours she gave me the lines. Talk about quick, she's awsome. :3 ) DISCLAIMER; I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SOUND MATERIAL USED HERE, A PART FROM MY OWN VOICE. BLEED IS COPYRIGHT TO EVANESANCE, WHISPERS IN THE DARK IS COPYRIGHT TO SKILLET. I DO NOT CLAIM ANYTHING. AT ALL. THIS IS ONLY USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES, AND I THINK THERE IS A LAW THAT PERMITS THAT. I AM NOT MAKING MONEY FROM THIS. WARRIOR CATS IS COPYRIGHT TO ERIN HUNTER AND HER ASSOCIATES. K, I'm done. xD Enjoy. :3 And remember, To the world you are one person, to one person, you are the world. ♥ ;)

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Fireheart Warriors warrior cats amv warrior cats amv bleed tigerclaw ravenpaw tigerstar bluestar firepaw

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