Warrior Cats ~ Fire and Ice - episode 1 *Horribly Old*

************************************READ ME***********************************

Holy crap it's done 8DDD

Can you guys believe I actually animated this whole thing in about 8-9 days?... yes, yes you can :C

I'm sorry this is crappy, but I was kinda irritated at having it on my to-do list so I just made a crappy version to get it out the way :P Next I'm working on an AMV for 2,000 subs, BUT I have TONS of art work to do, and it's all digital art so i'm going to be drawing on my laptop in school, before school and after school in between my ski training, maths tuition and archery... you see my problem here? I will TRY to get going with the amv again after this art load is due in, BUT i'm still gonna be busy, and the weekend of the 19th is a totaly write off as I'm in a ski championship O.O

So yar, rant ovar :D

ANYWAY Thank you so much to my ever AMAAAAAZING cast of voice actors who all got there lines in... eventually xD *gives a mini glare to firehheart but then huggle for having epic lines* and all did them to an exceptional standard with really clear mics 8D Sorry the animation doesn't match up to your voices guys x.x

I OWN NONE OF THE MUSIC, OR THE STORY. THE STORY BELONGS TO ERIN HUNTER AND THE MUSIC IT'S RIGHTFUL OWNERS, I TAKE ZERO CREDIT FOR EITHER. However, all art and animation is mine, and most of the backgrounds I took and the rest are googled :3

Oh yeah and about the answers video, it is filmed, but it needs a LOT of editing as it's 34 mins long :'D so that wont be out for a while sorry ^^' BUT Imma spam you guys with me playing the piano :DDDD ... I know you don't want it but IT'S MY ACCOUNT 8D


P.S:~ Last video with the LS opening, i'm remaking it at last ;) and yes my singing sucks x.x i'm sorry

(c)Lightning Strike Productions

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