Warrior Cats ~ Fire and Ice - Episode 2

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The moment at least 4/5ths of my subscribers have been waiting for :'D Cos let's face it, Unknown Blood is crap ^^

Again, as I say every time I post an episode, I am SO SO sorry for making you all wait so long, you don't deserve to wait so long ;w; especially when the outcome is a CRAP as this episode is, I cannot apologize enough xD

So yeah I guess here you all go :D Enjoy! There's a lot more animation in this episode than I usually do, like more head movement, walking, running, general movements etc. so that's why it probably took a solid month to finish (around 300+ hours went into making this thing). Next episode is also the gathering, so I'll need to figure out Character designs and such which always wastes time.

Oh run and walk cycles, how I hate animating thee! *shakes fist*

(sorry about the popping in fireheart's lines :'( They were almost non existent until I re-exported them out of Audacity x.x They all kinda... appeared, MY BAD, SORRY ADAM :C (randomclipproduction)

I also must say a BIG THANK YOU to all my voice actors in this episode who all did wonderful jobs ^^ and OMG ALL THE MALE CHARACTERS HAVE MALE VOICES :'D Miracles do happen x'D (and before I get a predictable boatload of people asking, YES, BLUESTAR'S VOICE ACTOR IS TRIBBLEOFDOOM'S MUM AND HER BLUESTAR VA. Loveinthewings is her YouTube, and I ADORE having her on my voice acting team 8D)
Also, Leafeonglow, I'm sorry I replaced you, but I thought it'd sound really weird if Ravenpaw sounded like Greystripe and Greystripe Sounded like yellowfang :'C You still has the other 2 parts ^^

Editing this episode was an utter PIG to say the least, I could make an endless list of the number of times I swore and threatened to find the computer's mum in her sleep. The volume of Dragon Age music in this episode was the one thing that stopped me from tearing out my own eyeballs in frustration :3 (well, that and squishy my stress pony, who now has nail marks in his side xD)

Oh yeah, and before I forget, it would be highly appreciated if you don't ask when the next episode comes out. I can promise you on my life I will not quit this series unless something ULTRA major happens like me having a stroke or loosing an arm or falling off a mountain etc. but I do take a long time to do stuff, rushing me doesn't help :( sorry!

However, all art and animation is mine, with the backgrounds courtesy of Google and my own camera.
The walk cycles and run cycles were referenced from home filmed/YouTube cat videos, NOT another animations (no plagiarism in here :D)

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Wait wait wait, HONOURS?!?!?! 8DDDD
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