Warrior Cats ~ Fire and Ice - episode 3

****************Could you be so kind as to have a read of me :3?****************

EDIT (12/09/2012): Since I've had so many people asking, YES, THE CAT AT 4:44 IS DIMSTAR/LIGHT FROM DIMSTAR'S PAST!! Urnam7 requested him to be a cameo (which I was going to do anyway, so awesome :'D) in a journal on Deviantart, so yes, story told.

Thank god this thing's out the way x.x It's such a boring episode :C ALL THEY DO IS TALK AAAHHHHH.

Anywho, so, after yet more time, episode 3 has hit your computer screens :) But let me give you a liiiitttle list of reasons why it's probably gonna take this long again...
1. Next episode has loads of... walking and irritating stuff like eating to animate.
2. I'm in my final school year, studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and I HAVE to work all out to get 3 As so I can successfully apply to University to study vet medicine (the first exams are January, so gonna die on here for a while, and the last lot are the end of May).
3. There is an entrance test for 2 Vet schools that I need to study for to give me the maximum chance of a place.
4. I'm trying to get into the GB squad for Archery.... which means many an hour shooting at the same ol' target face.
5. Unknown Blood first b*tch ;)

But here is a list why it will still happen:
1. I have to have a knee operation and will not be able to do any more work experience or gym sessions, so more free time.
2. I am determined to keep this series going, and I can take both my laptop and Desktop to Uni with me, which has all my animation tools on it :)

MUCHOS thank you to Zach6700 for steping in as Greystripe's 3rd voice (oops) and being awesome and quick with lines etc. . Actually, thank you ALL epic voice actors :D (a lot of which were hired JUST for this ep :O)

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC OR CLAIM TO OWN IT, OR THE WARRIOR CATS SERIES!!!! I do however own all drawn work, SOME of the backgrounds and SOME character designs.

If you've come here from dA, have a look for your character if you submitted one, I did use them all :D

Thank you so much for being so paitient, and thank you so much for nearly 4,000 subscribers :'D (how how HOW?!!??!!?)

(c)Lightning Strike Productions"

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