Warrior Cats Into The Wild 18

NOM. You BETTER ENJOY THIS EPISODE! It was very hard to make! GAAAAH. So much work...figh sequences, lip syncs, pans, bluescreening, and a spaztastic animation program ROAR. Also I wanted to use more of my fight sequences people awesomely sent in, but they had these nasty black bars at the top and bottom of the screen that made it impossible to add in. Sorrry! D:

Random facts anyone?

1: The fighting sounds were pulled right off the song "Glory, Majesty, Unity" by manowar and just has cats meowing on top XP

2. The fight at 3:35 is the one I did a sketchy speedpaint of.

3. Sandpaw got her lines in about ten minutes before I finished the episode.

4. The song playing when Lionheart died is called "Hymn Of The Immortal Warrior" and I've thought of it as his theme song since I first read the books! So I made that bit amvish. Oxo

5. When Greypaw yells "Nooo" it's the same animation from episode 15 and Firepaw was supposed to point that out but I thought it'd ruin the mood XP So just....know that it was the same as in his dream. MMMMKAY?

6. I was afraid my credit song would attract copyright issues, so I didn't put credits. No one ever watches them, so what's the loss? But if you worked with me on this and would like your name somewhere, I'll put it here. So yea.

Special Thanks To: Dangerdragon for making colouring a LOT easier and faster, NightEcho for being my SLAVE, and Everybody who gave crit on animations on deviantart. You all rock! God I hope this all fits in the description bar thing...

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