Warrior Cats - Like Lightning He Strikes - Opening

Just to clarify something: Like Lightning He Strikes won't be in episodes. It will be in one continuous movie, maybe in 2 parts. So this opening will only be used once. Okay, so, just to show you that I am indeed working on the project, some opening titles! The pictures tell the story of the major events through Boltstrike's life, from when his mother as murdered to when he took over the SnowCave. The actual animation will pick up from that point. Here is FizzyPumpkin's (The owner of Boltstrike) more detailed story of Boltstrike's past: http://the-boltstrike-fc.deviantart.com/journal/The-Boltstrike-FC-298395227 I've just abou gotten everyone's lines in, I understand there's been a problem concerning the script with about 2 people, I'll make sure to fix that XP Anyway, enjoy =) I made sure to give credit to as many people as possible who worked to make the actual story. LITTLE GAME! SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT BENJAMIN! 8D Made using: Adoby Photoshop v. 11 & Pinnicle Studios 14"

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