Warrior Cats Movie Preview

READ FIRST TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT OR YOU'LL REGRET IT: Ok I'd appreciate it if you would stop telling my your warrior name because I have to check all of the comments and when I get a message sometimes I see that it says Hi I'm fireclaw and I'm from fireclan! This is a movie preview not a tell me your warrior name video.I'm not the boss of what you do but please for my sake.

Also I delete unnecessary comments so don't waste your time. I am not a mean person I am very nice so don't judge me please. I don't role play so don't ask me to join your clan please :)

First of all the song is called Requiem for a dream it's by Clint Mansel so if you want to find the song just type in Requiem for a Dream- Clint Mansel and you'll find it. and second of all this is just a preview and fan made this was just for fun and is not in any relation to the possible warriors cat movie.

Hey wow over a 30000 views I am 99.9 % sure there is going to be a movie it all depends on what the writers say. I know everyone is worried about who is going to play who in the movie. I just googled it because what I am getting on my video lately is who is going to play who. I would like to here comments because as A movie maker I need to here how my video was. If you are curious who is possibly playing who the link is at the bottom. If you can't help it send me a personal message and I'll try to answer your questions. In the nicest way possible please stop leaving worried comments about who is going to play who, Because I have to check them all and I am hoping the comments are about my video but the end up being about WHO is playing WHO. I am not whining I'm just asking for feedback on my video. One last thing. IF your absolutely curious on who is playing WHO here is the best link I could find. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_there_a_warrior_cats_movie

AND! Stop telling me what book you are on this is a movie preview not a book club where you tell me about your feelings it's kinda weird, Sorry that was rude but please stop.

Yes I have spelling errors sorry I was in 8th grade when I made this haha, :) Yes I repeat a lot but it was hard to describe how amazing the movie will be. If your wondering yes I have read every single book. Did I think this would get popular "Nope" why? you ask well because I have never had a popular video before that went over 1000 views and I because I made this in like 2 hours, so I didn't think people would think much of it. I wish I had posted this on Shelbell99 Why? because Shelbell99 is my main account and Now this account has more subscribers. So I posted it on Shelstar because I thought it would get only a few views. Well I thought wrong. I appreciate all your comments and ratings I am very proud to have this video at such high popularity. I thank it all to the WARRIOR FANS! Thanks subscribe to Shelbell99 videos just type it in the search box and you'll like the videos I have. Yes I have warrior videos. Keep watching!

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