Warrior cats of Starclan

WARNING: This video contains HUGE spoilers for The sight and the books before it.

This is my second video and it took awhile to make so please comment.
warriors, warrior cats, starclan cats.

KIlled by
Tigerclaw/star-5, in battle-1, Clawface-1,
Blackfoot-2, badger-3, Sharptooth-2, dogs-1,
Bone-1, kittypets-1, smoke-3, starved or torn up-5, hit by monster-2, old age-1, fell into gorge-1, giving kits-1, gave life to save another-1, taken by hawk-1, unknown causes-5,
grew sick/weak-3, ate posined food-1, froze-1,
hit by falling branch-1, fell off cliff-1,
greencough-1, didn't respond to herbs-1,
falling rocks-1
I blame Tigerclaw/ster for all the unknown causes.

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warrior cats starclan

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