Warrior Cats Opening (fan made) SZWarriorCats

I love the Warriors series, and really wanted to make my own animated opening to it :) I know there are a lot of other animated openings to this, and some are a lot better than this, but I still wanted to give it a shot :) I worked really hard on this, so hopefully most of you enjoy it ^^

A few things to point out.

- Yeah, usually I make Scourge's collar red, but seeing how this is an opening, I decided to make it the original purple collar, so I hope all you who complain about the colour are happy!

- Please don't upload or use this opening without my permission, if you wish to do anything with it, please ask me first.

- I was also going to upload the japanese version to this, but it gets muted due to copyright claim :/ So English is all I can do sorry.

* I don't own any of the characters, story or song

Author of Warriors- Erin Hunter

Song- Monochrome no Kiss ~ first Black Butler opening

Animation- Me

Programs used- Flash Professional CS5"

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