Warrior Cats Theme Songs - The Original Series and The New Prophecy

READ THE DESCRIPTION PLS (especially if you hate HSM, jonas brothers, hannah montana and so on)

YAAAAY I've finally finished it...
Warrior Cats Theme Songs for "The new prophecy" ^^
Dunno if it´s good..

I LOVE some of the theme songs for example Bluestar´s song. it fits her perfectly!!
But i also dislike some songs... i don´t know if firestar´s song is okay : /

Well- but it was fun to make =)

Sorry @ all the HSM haters , but i picked (again) a HSM song for cloudtail:)

(At the end, there is a surprise:D)

AND: I am NOT a fan of HSM, the jonas brothers, Hannah Montana, demi lovato ans so on ...
I just thought the songs would fit^^
Some of them are okay in my opinion, but I also really hate soem of them=)

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