Warrior cats TWF castcall reuploaded *open*

This is What I am Saying :D
Lets start with the rules:
Rule 1: No background noises (I allow some background noise)
Rule 2: Put emotion into the characters
Rule 3: Post your audition as a video response
Rule 4: there is now a deadline it is 1st January 2013 thanks ^^
Rule 5: Try and spread the word about this
(Forgot about this) Rule 6: Have fun :D

Hey guys I have made up my mind I am going to animate Warriors The White Feather!!! but there is one problem I need voice actors. I am only going to ask for the ones in Chapter 1 and in the opening.

Ok lets start with the main characters:
-He needs a strong male voice.
-He keeps to himself most of the time and is being stalked by the shadows.
-He can change emotion really quickly.
-He is sorta a Brambleclaw figure in this series
Here is his lines:
Angry: Would you just stop acting like a leader because if you haven't noticed but Whitefoot is our leader! Not you!
Normal: Do you want to come on a patrol with me?
Worried: Foxfur. Things are changing.I could feel that bad things are going to happen. I don't like it.
Scared: Lets get out of here. Now!

Next is Nightshade she is one of the main characters in the series. She is not going to be in all of them but she is there.
-She needs a strong female voice actor
-She can also change emotion quickly
-She is sorta a Hollyleaf type character in this series
Happy: Come on Shadowblaze theres no need to be down.
Worried: What is worrying Shadowblaze so much. I am afraid for him Foxfur...
Scared: Shadowblaze look!
Romantic: I love you. You know Shadowblaze.

Next is Foxfur:
-He needs a teenage young male voice actor
-He is in some chapters
-He is more a Greystripe figure
Happy: Come on Shadowblaze. Lets see who catches the most prey.
Normal: Let me handle this.
Shouting: Shadowblaze!
Worried: We shouldn't be here Shadowblaze. I am scared.

Next is young Whitefoot:
-She is the leader of Wingclan
-She needs a young female voice actor
-She is in some chapters
-She is sorta a Sandstorm figure
Happy: Hey Foxfur do you wanna go hunting with me?
Worried: What is the matter with you?
Ordering: You pick the cats to come with you. Have at least 5 cats with you.
Romantic: Foxfur i love you. I never want to leave you.

Next up is Maplepaw:
-She needs a young female voice actor
- She appears every so often in episodes.
-She is sorta a Cinderpaw (later in the Warrior cats series Cinderpelt)
Excited: Yeah I would love to!
Sad: I am sorry Thistlebrk. I just thought...
Happy: I can't believe I am going to be a warrior.
Normal: Frostpaw do you wanna go training with me?

Next up is Riverflame:
-I need a young female voice actor for her as well
-She is also in some chapters
-She is more of a Bluefur/star figure
Happy: Yeah sure I would love to be on a patrol with you
Wispering: Get down! you don't wanna make them see you.
Sad: Why does it have to be you.
Angry: I don't care what you think of me! I don't love you!

Next is Flashclaw
-I need a young male voice
-He has had a tough past in his life
-He is sorta a Ashfur figure
Angry: Why do you have to shout at me! You know what happened in my past. Don't make it harder for me!
Surprised: What?! Why?
Sad: Why does it have to be me?
Determined: I will do it. I won't let you down.

Next is an evil character Eaglestorm:
-I need an evil determined voice for him
-He is a warrior of Windclan (Not from the books)
Evil: I knew you would come *evil laugh*
Angry: I told you Wind we must not trust them.
Threating: You must leave now before I kill you.

Next is Demontooth (The one on the right):
-He is one of the dark forest cats
-He used to be called Stormtooth but later changed his name when he killed a cat.
-He is sorta a Tigerstar character.
Evil: Well done you have completed our training.
Normal: Well we will just have to work harder won't we Shadowblaze.
Surprised: What? Really. Well done.

Next is wind:
-She is the Wind from Warrior cats the first leader of wind clan
-She needs a young female voice actor
-She is from the warrior books
Normal: Come on. Let me show you are territory.
Shocked: Eaglestorm. how... how could you?!
Sad: I am sorry I shouldn't of let you in my clan.
Shouting: NO!

Next is Thistlebark:
-He is the most loyal cat in the clan
-He has scars all over his body from battles
-He is the only warrior in Wingclan that haven't killed a cat.
-He needs a strong deep male voice
Normal: Alright. How about Riverflame?
Sad: I am sorry Maplepaw.
Angry: Just shut up! I don't want to hear what happened to my mother and father!
Worried: I am afraid for Maplepaw she always runs off...

This should be better and easier to see ^^
I also need extra cats for Chapter 1
You can make up the lines for these guys :3
That is it for now"

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