Warrior cats: Twilight: Episode one (part 1 extended)

lol okay NOW this is where part one was originally going to stop. this is half way through the chapter.

also i skipped ALOT of the dialog between squirrelflight and leafpool. Mainly because its just back story and we all know it and they repeat the exact same argument in part 2 so bleh bleh bleh

and also the lip sync is sO going to improve in part 2. The only lipsync im kinda happy with is cloudtail's (but that's only because i just did it)

Gravity falls: Opening theme.
Crono trigger: Morning sunlight
Legend of the guardians: The flight home
Kevin Macleod : sneaky snitch
Zelda- Skyward sword: Faron woods

Firestar: Pokelilyx
Dustpelt: Angelthewolf333
Squirrelflight: Urnam7
leafpool: shsgirl321
Ashfur: 312shadowwolf
cloudtail: Meepalso

Ms Paint
Windows Movie Maker (+ some custom effects)
Paint tool sai

special thanks to meepalso for doing the opening! go sUB HER WHY ARENT YOU ALREADY."

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